Xero Lipo is the latest generation in Non-Surgical
Biostimulatory accelerated targeted fat reduction.

About Xero Lipo

Xero Lipo is the latest generation in Non-Surgical Biostimulatory accelerated targeted fat reduction.

The innovative attributes of this unique treatment are that it makes use of four technologies in one system:

1) Advanced body analysis to record and measure results

2) Biostimulation reduction of fat cells

3) Neuromuscular stimulation for maximum fat burn

4) Multipolar RF skin tightening for a firmer, leaner physique

Essentially, the Xero Programme works by targeting specific areas for accelerated fat reduction that in turn yield a complete body transformation
with immediate results.

Keep in mind that the procedure itself is painless, safe, without side effects and there’s no need for surgery, restrictive diets or excessive exercise.

The Xero program enables you to:

  • Eat as much as you like, while learning to eat the right foods and improve your overall nutrition for optimum health and fitness.
  • Maintain a stable blood sugar level, which leads to optimum fat-burn.
  • Achieve significant fat loss.
  • Feel energized with reduced fat and improved lean muscle mass.
  • Sustain immediate results with the implementation of a new, tailor-made, healthy lifestyle.
  • Increase your basal metabolic rate by increasing your total muscle mass.
  • Locally treat and rejuvenate your skin by applying radiofrequency locally, which can increase collagen production by the fibroblasts.
  • Treat cellulite, in addition to increasing local muscle mass leading to a more sculpted appearance.
The Xero-lipo Don’ts

The Xero-lipo program is all about emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet whilst abstaining from specific food categories.

Such foods are:

  • Sugar (sugars can be found in sweets, fruit juices, white flour, white pasta and more)

On the other hand, foods to definitely include are:

  • Adequate amounts of protein (protein shakes are a great idea)
  • Foods high in fiber that can improve the regulation of appetite as well as help better blood sugar levels.
  • Water - as hydration is always key when it comes to fat loss and wellness as a whole.
  • Foods that can enhance the gut micro biota which is tightly related to our body mass and body fat.