The effectiveness of the Xero Lipo Programme is validated by the countless success stories that back up its popularity and efficiency in achieving measurable and long lasting results.

Joanna, 45

After two kids and an easter packed with dinners and an extra cocktail or two, my muffin top appeared fuller than ever. Losing those extra inches seemed almost impossible, until I was introduced to the XeroLipo system. I was recommended a 3 month package focusing on my belly area and my thighs. The results were truly impressive. By the 70th day, I’d lost 20.3kg of body weight, 15.6kg of which were body fat. As such, my percentage of body fat dropped from 42.5% to 33%. The results were equally impressive on my belly as it finally shrunk from 111cm to 93cm! Bring on the summer!

Katerina, 37

As a modern day woman that encompasses the roles of mother, wife and businesswoman, you could say I was a diet addicted that had tried and failed with every method out there. Seeing as I travel often due to my job, sticking to a diet plan has been very challenging, until I was recommended the XeroLipo treatment that allows you to constantly lose inches with every treatment. All I had to do was plan 8 treatments (to be completed in 2 months) in between my trips. I was shocked to say the least with my results. I lost 11.5kg of which 8.9kg were fat, and I also experienced an impressive shift from 40.2% body fat in my thighs, to 33.5% with just 8 treatments.

Mary, 55

I was always known as the fat kid, and that title stuck with me until the age of 55.
All this changed when I decided to try the XeroLipo treatment where I managed to drop from 88.7kg to 62.7kg over a period of 11 months.
What impressed me more than the fact that I managed to lose this weight was that I managed to keep it off.
Thank you XeroLipo!